About us

Venezia Turismo is one of the most important and consolidated Venetian companies operating in the field of private navigation.
Every day it offers high quality services by renting taxi and Gran Turismo boats for private transfers of small or large groups in Venice or in the Venetian Lagoon.

The fleet

The fleet consists of 40 taxi boats and more than 20 Gran Turismo boats with capacity for up to 100 passengers. All boats are equipped with the most advanced GPS / GPRS systems that allow the Headquarter to monitor its position at any time and to check its route afterwards.
This system offers two important advantages: it meets customer demands in an extremely short time and it minimizes "empty" journeys, reducing water traffic and waves in the city. All vehicles are also equipped with safety equipment and rescue means according to the regulations in force.
The boats have different characteristics and finishes that allow us to meet the needs of each customer. Venezia Turismo fleet has many different types of taxis, from standard motorboats to luxury and extra luxury taxis.



Our headquarters are located in Tronchetto: here the call center, operating 24/7, answers, coordinates and monitors every service. Other offices are located in strategic places of the city such as Marco Polo airport, Cruise Terminal, Piazzale Roma, Venezia Santa Lucia Railway Station and St. Mark’s Square.